Liverpool checks fitness in Darwin.

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Liverpool team manager Jurgen Klopp said in a press conference before meeting Arsenal that. He had to assess the fitness of Darwin Nuñez, who was injured from The game defeated Chelsea 4-1 on Wednesday.

Darwin had his foot stepped on early in the game at Anfield. But he continued to compete for the entire 90 minutes, causing pain to follow. No pictures have yet been shown of group practice. Which means Klopp and the medical team must evaluate the condition. Before deciding whether or not they should be put on the team.  UFABET 

“I don’t know if Darwin is available. Because 20 minutes into the game. Someone stomped on that guy’s feet. Until after the match I felt a lot of pain.”

“That guy only took off his cleats after the game. Because I know what’s strange. He has to wear (bump-proof) boots off the field and not in football boots.”

“Nothing is broken. The X-ray results were clear, but the foot was swollen. We had to wait and see if he could put it back into the studs or not. Because things like this take time.”

“Still haven’t seen him. Wait for the press conference to end first. Carrying this pain to compete might be too much.”

Klopp also talked about

Darwin’s record of hitting the post/crossbar 4 times in a single game. The first person in the English Premier League since statistics were recorded in the 2003-24 season. Saying that he lost quite a bit of his life. But you have to move on.

“It definitely influenced him. He is one person. If you don’t feel anything, this is strange.” ‘JK’ added. 

“But he knows he will get the next chance. But the matter of missing the penalty shootout will affect confidence.” 

“I don’t judge Darwin because of his shot that hit the crossbar. I judged him on the assist for ‘Luco’ Diaz because it was at the end of the game. It is an important moment to close the box for us.”

“It’s great football intelligence. who doesn’t let his own bad luck bother him.” 

“That guy is still focused on the game. And I’m more than happy for him. Statistics for hitting the post/crossbar 4 times in a single game, the first person in the Premier League. England looks interesting. But I think it’s always going in. Darwin will score for sure.” 

Darwin scored 11 goals and 11 assists from playing 34 games this season. Considered an improvement in participation compared to 15 goals and 4 assists from playing the entire season in 42 matches .