De Bruyne encourages boats to Manchester City. 

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Manchester City captain Kevin De Bruyne has urged his teammates not to save money at this time of the season. You don’t have to hold on to how much you have, just give it your all. Both your thirst and your desire. If you want to be successful, sweep up every honor that is still on the path football.

City, normally a slow-start team, last season overtook Arsenal to win the English Premier League. While the English FA Cup and Champions League were swept cleanly UFABET 

Come 2023-24, all three competitions still have a chance. So ‘KDB’ encourages the Met team to come out and fight on a par with other camps. When you know that your arch rival, Liverpool is throwing a full-blown kick as a final tribute to Jurgen Klopp in the position of team manager. 

De Bruyne told the official website. 

“People on the team push each other to win games to grab the trophy. That is our standard.”

“When everyone is at that level, physically, mentally, their abilities will show.”  

“If you work hard We will have more chances to win than lose.”

“Honestly, we haven’t reached the limit yet. We need to put in more. and win more games.” 

“At this point in the season I just think about winning one game at a time. No need to think about winning the league championship or the triple championship.”

“Just stay focused and prepare as best you can. For Monday’s game against Brentford because it’s never easy. As for what will happen after that, we have to wait and see.”  

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