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Health benefits of spinach.

Spinach is rich in a variety of nutrients. If taken regularly in the right amounts. It may be beneficial to health in the following areas. Good for eyes and vision. Eyes are important organs that help to see. But as the age increases, the cells in the

Health benefits of kale.

Kale is a vegetable that has been nicknamed a superfood due to its many nutritional values. T​hat are beneficial to health. The benefits of kale in various aspects are as follows: Help in weight loss. Kale is considered a low-calorie food. It is high in water and

Importance of protein.

Protein is a nutrient that contains essential amino acids for the body. They are responsible for building strength and helping in the functioning of bones, muscles and skin. Although our body can produce 9 amino acids by itself. It still needs to get 11 amino acids

Benefits of Tempeh.

Commercially available tempeh are shaped like tofu-like cubes filled with beans. But it has a more chewy texture that can be used in a variety of dishes. This article will invite everyone to know the benefits of eating tempeh and how to eat healthy together. Tempeh is rich