Lose weight effectively with Intermittent Fasting (IF).

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Lose weight effectively with Intermittent Fasting (IF).

  • How to lose weight by controlling calories and limiting the time you eat. There are many ways to practice. But a popular method is to limit eating time to 8 hours and fasting to 16 hours.
  • To make Intermittent Fasting (IF) effective, you must not fast too much. or eat too much and must absolutely abstain from sweets Combined with exercise to strengthen muscles
  • Doing IF will be more effective if the levels of vitamins and minerals in the blood are tested. or hormone levels in the body before the procedure

Intermittent Fasting (IF)  is another way to lose weight by controlling calories and limiting the time you eat. There are many ways to practice. But a popular method is to limit eating time to 8 hours and fasting to 16 hours. For a simple example, we can eat from 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM, with after 2:00 PM being the fasting period. You can only drink water or coffee or tea without added sugar. (Avoid sugar substitutes. during fasting Because it will stimulate hunger and craving sugar) In summary, we will not eat one meal, that is, dinner. Just the idea of ​​cutting out one meal is. Calories lost in a day If you can do it consecutively No matter what, the weight must definitely be reduced. But many people may have done it and had some success. Some people don’t lose weight. This may occur from many factors as follows:

  1. Fasting too much, during the 8 hours you can eat, controlling your food too much, resulting in not getting enough nutrients Causing the body to enter a state of hibernation. Reduce metabolism and store more energy as fat Therefore, you should eat food from all 5 food groups, with protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates. and fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals. In conclusion, during eating you should eat nutritious things in the right amount. Not too little or too much
  2. Eating too much by eating extra food during the fasting period, such as eating 2-3 dishes of rice so that when fasting you will not feel hungry. In this group, there is a misunderstanding because during fasting, there must be some hunger. If we want to lose weight without feeling hungry at all. That would definitely not be weight loss. Personally, the doctor eats breakfast and lunch, 1 plate per meal, normal type of food. It’s a common food. There may be some fruit after the meal.
  3. You must absolutely abstain from sweets. This is because if you do IF (Intermittent Fasting) and still eat sugar, it will cause sugar addiction. In this group, there is a chance that during the fasting period you will not be able to starve. Symptoms include being very hungry and fatigued as if you lack energy. And will end with eating. You may also eat more than usual. The sugar craving symptoms will last for about 1 week, but if you get past this period, you will be normal during the fasting period. without feeling hungry at all Most people are unable to do IF due to sugar addiction during fasting.
  4. Sleep late. People in the group who go to bed late are already at risk for obesity easily. Because of the hormonal system that repairs the body And the satiety system in the body will be disrupted, causing people to sleep late, unable to fast, and having to eat sugary foods. and leads to obesity The normal bedtime should not be later than 10:00 p.m.
  5. Not exercising Because losing weight is not just about controlling calories. but also to create a more permanent metabolic system. This part is to build muscle so that yo-yo symptoms do not occur later.
  6. When hungry during the fasting period Eat water, black coffee, tea without sugar. With a bitter taste, it makes us lose our appetite.

This content will be basic information for those interested in Intermittent Fasting (IF). Problems and obstacles that may arise for each person may not be the same. If you have a congenital disease, you should consult a doctor before doing it for safety. And another important thing is to check the level of vitamins and minerals in the blood. or hormone levels in the body It will help make IF more efficient. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com