Is “white stains on grapes” dangerous? Complete with the correct cleaning method

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Is “white stains on grapes” dangerous? Complete with the correct cleaning method

Have you ever seen white stains? Is it on the grape skin? What is it? Is it dangerous? And do we have to wash it off completely? Let’s see the answer from ยูฟ่าเบท let’s go together.

What are the white stains on grape skin? Is it dangerous?

White clay on grapes It is a naturally occurring wax. It is not a dangerous chemical residue left on the grape skin, such as various insecticides, especially where it is recommended to wash with toothpaste. It is not necessary.

Many natural fruits have a “soft” white coating on the surface of the fruit. Which is actually It is a substance such as wax coating on the skin. To prevent water loss And after harvesting, the “softness” of the fruit will gradually disappear, causing the fruit to begin to wither faster.

This wax coating protects the outer skin of the grape. It is useful in helping the skin of grapes to flexible and able to be stretched according to the properties of the natural polymer structure.

How to clean grapes

The soft white stains on grape skins can eaten without needing to be scrubbed off. Just try to get rid of the chemical residue. that may still be left. By washing thoroughly with lots of running water. Or go soak in water mixed with baking soda first. Then you can wash it off thoroughly.

Benefits of grapes

Grapes are a fruit that is consider very good for health. When eaten, you will get dietary fiber, various vitamins, and antioxidants such as resveratrol. Phenolic substances and flavonoids in purple grapes Also has anthocyanin pigments. That is beneficial to health as well.