Tips for applying eyeshadow on your eyelids so that the make the color clearer.

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Solve the problem of eyeshadow colors not sticking Pigments are blurred by combining with the makeup you already have to make it even more beneficial.

Eye primer:  It is well known that the job of eye primer is to help eyeshadow stay on our eyelids. It doesn’t cause peeling or falling into lines during the day. In fact, there are many types of eye primers to choose from according to your needs. But if you want the color of the eyeshadow to be more clear. It is recommended to choose a Tinted Eye Primer because it comes with a texture that can conceal wrinkles and the color of blood vessels on our eyelids.

Therefore, สมัคร ufabet, helping to increase the color of the eyeshadow to make it look more outstanding. It’s like an eye primer and concealer in the same piece. Techniques for beginners are Take the eye primer and wipe it on the back of your hand first. Then use our fingers to gently spread it on the eyelid to cover it smoothly. It doesn’t fall into the groove.

Setting spray: does more than just set makeup to make it last longer. It can also help eyeshadow last longer and make the color more clear. The technique is to scrape off a little eyeshadow from the palette or the amount you want to use for eye makeup. Put it on the back of your hand or on a makeup mixing tray. Then use the setting spray to spray just once to create a liquid that can be blended together.

Spread and mix well. The correct texture should not be too liquidy. Because if it’s too liquid, it will be difficult to blend and set on the eyelid. Then use your finger to touch the mixed eyeshadow. Tap and blend smoothly on the eyelid. If the color isn’t clear enough You can touch the same color from the palette and apply it again. I guarantee that this time the colors will definitely be brighter.

Concealer: In addition to using concealer, we can conceal dark circles and the color of blood vessels around the eyes and eyelids. We can also use it to add color to eyeshadow. The concealer we recommend is liquid concealer. Because the texture is not too dry. Reduce the problem of stains or falling out during the day. Just take the concealer and dab it on the back of your hand or your makeup mixing tray. and mix with the eyeshadow powder you want to use. Mix well. The texture will be thick. Not as liquid as mixing with setting spray. Therefore, it is suitable for people with oily eyelids. Then blend it on our eyelids to make it cloudy. Just having one concealer can be perfect.

Liquid eyeshadow: The most basic way to make eyeshadow colors more vivid is to: Choosing to use liquid eyeshadow as an eye makeup base on the eyelid first. Then follow with eye shadow that is powder or powder. Because this method will help bring out the colors of the powder eyeshadow to make it stand out more. It is not necessary that both types of eyeshadow be the same color. You can choose similar colors, for example if you want to do peach orange eye makeup. You can choose to use liquid eyeshadow with orange tones. Then add in a peachy orange that might be mixed in with a little glitter. To add a gimmick to make the eyes look more prominent.

Whether the eyeshadow is too dark or too light, we have a solution.          

lighten the color: Start by lighting your eyelid with taupe eyeshadow. Or light yellow powder, then apply eye shadow of the color you have. If it’s still too dark Paint a light color over it again. Or if your eyeshadow is a bright color like green, blue, or purple, try using it instead of eyeliner. To get a new look,

Make the color darker: an easy solution is to use an brush dipped in a little water before applying eyeshadow. It instantly darkens the color of the eyeshadow. But if it still doesn’t make the color darker to your liking. Try painting your eyelids with a dark color like chocolate or plum. Then apply a light colored eye shadow over it. Finished off with sparkling gold eyeshadow. That will make it look sharper and darker.