Get to know the texture of different types of highlighter.

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Page highlights are what we call highlights. Or another name is highlighter. Is an item that will add a glow to the skin, making it look dewy and healthy, as well as making our look look more complete. Skin looks glowing with light. No matter which angle you take the photo, it looks beautiful as well. There are many types of highlighters to choose from according to your look needs. Each type gives different results. It also responds differently to each skin type.

Therefore, choosing the correct highlighter is important to help our makeup look more outstanding. ยูฟ่าเบท takes you to get to know different textures of highlighters more than before.

Before choosing your favorite highlighter, let’s take a look at how many types of highlighters there are, what they are, how to use them, because there are many types of highlighters to choose from. There are shimmer, glitter, and shades to choose from as well.

Look at the highlights from the texture. As I said before, there are many types of highlighters to choose from, with highlighters having 4 types of textures for us to choose from.

Powder highlighting: For highlighting, powder is the most popular type. Most powder highlighters come in packages that are very similar to blushes. The advantage is that if used with a brush, they can add light and shadow to our face just right. Importantly, we can also easily control the amount of space that will be use. No need to worry about stains or uneven color and shimmer that are often a problem with other highlighters. 

Highlighting stick: Anyone who doesn’t like dust because it’s very dry will have a highlighting stick that has a texture halfway between powder and cream highlighting. They are compress into a form similar to a lipstick tube but are larger and slightly sticky. The advantage of highlighting sticks is that they are easy to use, easy to carry, and have bright colors and not a lot of shimmer. What you have to be careful of is the weight of your hand when you put it on your face. If it’s too much, it will be difficult to fix.

Liquid, gel, and envelope highlighters: Girls who are good at makeup to a certain extent should be able to understand the use of liquid highlighters. Liquid, gel, or envelope highlighters are similar to foundation but Give it stickiness. The method of use is suitable for blending with your fingers. Moreover, it can be mix with base makeup to add natural radiance to the face. Or focus on just the points we want, like eye shadow. It will add sparkle to the eyes. But since it’s a highlighter, it dries quickly so you have to be a little quick when blending it.

Spray highlighters: are more often use on the body than on the face. But we can apply it to the face as well. The spray has a very small particle size. Therefore, the size of the shimmer insert in the highlighter is extremely detail. If you can’t think of which look to use with it? The look we recommend is a glowing tan makeup look. For people who plan to sunbathe by the sea And another look is the dewy, shiny skin that you want to have the most dewy look. Just finish your makeup as usual. Then spray highlighter. Hold it about 1 ruler away from your face so that the mist spreads evenly across your face.